Press Release: Sierra Alta signs new partnership with PSI


Sierra Alta signs new partnership with PSI

Cutting-edge equipment is now available to Colombia’s oil and gas sector

BOGOTA, Colombia, October 15, 2012 – Colombian service provider for the oil and gas industry, Sierra Alta, recently signed a partnership with PSI, a Houston, Texas based company. PSI has 20 years of experience in manufacturing specialized oil and gas equipment. PSI exports worldwide to places including India and Dubai, and now the PSI equipment will be widely available in Latin American markets due to the partnership.

Sierra Alta will act as a distributor and service provider, representing PSI equipment and managing the readily available inventory in Colombia. Delivery time for most equipment is expected to be reduced to days instead of months. This will create a pairing of high quality equipment for the oil and gas sector together with extremely rapid delivery to the sites where the equipment is needed. This partnership will help expand not only the selection of equipment available in Colombia, but also provide the Colombian oil and gas industry with safer and cleaner technology.

About Sierra Alta

Sierra Alta offers quality equipment solutions for companies in the Colombian oil and gas exploration and production sector. Some of the equipment the company distributes includes progressive cavity pumps, centrifugal pumps, mud agitators, desilters, degassers, diesel filtration systems and teflon hose solutions. The company offers quality equipment solutions, world-class service and immediate availability. Sierra Alta contributes to the safety of the oil and gas sector by importing cutting-edge technology that protects the environment is and is safer for workers.

Author: Maria Paulina Vega Murillo

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